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 Counter Strike Extreme v4

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PostSubject: Counter Strike Extreme v4   Tue Mar 27, 2012 7:14 pm

Counter Strike Extreme v4 is FPS game.It's not an original Counter Strike games.It's a CS made by Fanmade.
But still,the game is fun.You can play Zombie Mode,Zombie Scenario and also CT vs T.This game is kindda hard on zombie mode because the first zombie will get 6000 or more life points.The interesting on CS Extreme v4 is,its weapons.They are lot rare weapons on v4 version.You also can get Powergul gun on zombie mode.
I've made a video about it.Please CLICK HERE for the CS Xtreme v4 videos.

If you got any question related to CS you can postreply here.
Please support my forums.I appreciate who supprot my forums.
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Counter Strike Extreme v4
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